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The Student and Course Data Access Policy can be found in the Campus Administrative Manual at and the Student Code, Article 3 Part 6.

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surcharge for requests requiring less than two weeks turnarround, provided the Office of the Registrar is able to meet the Requested Completion Date. Willingness to pay the surcharge does not guarantee expedited processing.

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Conditions for Use of Student Information:
Non-academic units must provide the Office of the Registrar with a sample of materials to be sent to student population.

Student data may NOT be reproduced, either electronically or manually, without the express written consent of the Office of Registrar or the Registrar's designated proxy.

Individual student data may NOT be retained, archived, or electronically stored. Data that indentifies a specific student or students must be destroyed by the Terminal Date listed above, or within 30 calendar days of receiving the requested data from the Office of the Registrar.

I acknowledge that the Office of the Registrar is not responsible for any subsequent dissemination of data. In accepting the data as requested above, I agree to comply with all UIUC regulations governing access and release of student information as described in: the Student Code and the Campus Administrative Manual. If I use this information for research, I will comply with policies of the Institutional Review Board, as outlined in the Handbook for Investigators: For the Protection of Human Subjects in Research.

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Contact Information Contact NameEmailPhone
Question about requesting student data should be directed to:Rod 244 6170
Question about the process for requesting undergraduate application data should be directed to:Thomas 265 5392
Question about the process for requesting graduate and professional applicant data should be directed to:Beth 244 4637